but how do they not stab each other

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shapeshifter fic: untitled fantasy court!au

preview - unedited - i’m genuinely too tired to write the rest tonight, (and i’ve just realised that i accidentally switched tenses halfway through so i need to fix that later haha)


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the oteep → 30 of the classic, cheesy, cliché songs you have definitely associated with one of your otps at least once, you loser

01. IRIS the goo goo dolls // 02. FIX YOU coldplay // 03. SHATTERED trading yesterday // 04. I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK death cab for cutie // 05. YOU FOUND ME the fray // 06. KING AND LIONHEART of monsters and men // 07. WONDERWALL oasis // 08. AT THE BEGINNING (FROM ANASTASIArichard marx & donna lewis // 09. METEOR SHOWER owl city // 10. THE SCIENTIST coldplay // 11. KISS ME SLOWLY parachute // 12. BOATS AND BIRDS gregory and the hawk // 13. SOMETHING ABOUT US daft punk // 14. LITTLE LION MAN mumford & sons // 15. SHIPS IN THE NIGHT mat kearney // 16. STOLEN dashboard confessional // 17. YELLOW coldplay // 18. BREAKEVEN (FALLING TO PIECES) the script // 19. USE SOMEBODY kings of leon // 20. CHASING CARS snow patrol // 21. HO HEY the lumineers // 22. YOU & ME lifehouse // 23. FIRST TIME lifehouse // 24. ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE counting crows // 25. WORLD SPINS MADLY ON the weepies // 26. SKINNY LOVE bon iver // 27. SAMSON regina spektor // 28. YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL red jumpsuit apparatus // 29. SECRETS onerepublic // 30. A THOUSAND YEARS christina perri


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mythology meme:  [4/6] creatures or beings

↳ Angels

In Christian tradition, angels are divine creatures created for a single purpose – to love and serve God. Biblical angels are fearsome beings, divided into nine heavenly choirs; from highest to lowest, the order reads as follows: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.

Fallen angels are often described as devils or demons, the leader of whom is an entity once known as the Morning Star, God’s most beloved angel – Lucifer.

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[drunk joly voice] no ssshhh SSSHHH HE'S GONNA
[drunk joly voice] ok go
[drunk combeferre voice] theeeeeeeeeeere's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, and hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium........
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softpunkremus replied to your post: softpunkremus replied to your post:sof…

oh my god absolutely do it

i’m doing it, i’m doing it

you are an enabler

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gid’s kindgom being like “what the fuck is a consort though” and owen just like. SIGHING ETERNALLY BC THESE KIDS, MAN. this is not what he signed up for (yes it is. a lovely oracle named paulina told him so.)

darren’s answer to that question is a long-suffering sigh and “i don’t even know, anymore”

can i name the kingdoms tregarren and fenton or would that be lame cause i don’t wanna do the north/south thing

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softpunkremus replied to your post: softpunkremus replied to your post: …&…

i’d still read it. (god, ‘we’ve probably averted all-out war by now’ it’s tru. and for a moment i’d like you to imagine: captain of the guard sir owen hind. COURT SORCERER CLIVE.)

fuck fuck fuck i HAVE TO WRITE IT NOW, DON’T I

court sorcerer clive oh my god <3

lisa is still a seer, dax is the king’s sword, luke rejects his title to write histories and translations

and then on the other side in spook’s kingdom, mia is the king’s sword and darren is his consort

(a practice which doesn’t really happen in gideon’s kingdom so no-one knows exactly who darren is but most people assume he’s some kind of even deadlier bodyguard)

(because he looks totally harmless but why else would he be here, they are literally never apart)

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softpunkremus replied to your post: … do i want to write shapeshifter…

y e s.

it’s literally just going to be darren and dax hiding in dark corners and giggling about their lords

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"Mother, he is a gentleman.
He is a builder with bricks of moonlight.
He knows the secret places of the earth.
He washes the sleep from the eyes of the souls.
He lets them look on beauty.
He lets them tell him they hate him.
In the mornings, I gather berries and apples.
I scrub his back with rind.
I weave spider-spit, eyelash.
He talks in his sleep: pudding, fire, discus,
the things he misses.
He breathes, Your body is my orchard.
I am undulating grass.
I am a field of wheat he parts with his fingers.
Poppies bloom in my veins.
When he kisses me, he tastes pomegranate.
The night crawls nearer.
The moans of the dead roll and swell.
Mother, we are well."

Tara Mae Mulroy, “Persephone Writes to Her Mother”  (via tamcest)
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